Samurai Tomoe Gozen

ADN 423 Digital Modeling

Professor Emil Polyak

Autodesk Maya

Fall 2014

Final project for Digital Modeling, the assignment was to create a character or artifact that reflects on a specific culture. Inspired by my time living in and my love for Japan, I wanted to create a character that would challenge me. After researching various warrior’s tales and historical documents on Japan I found the female samurai Tomoe Gozen. The process of creating the model was rather arduous but an extremely gratifying endeavor. I began by taking various reference shots of a female form that were already mapped with a grid to provide better proportioning, then proceeded with the long process of modeling a basic polygon rectangle into the form of a female model. The task of creating the trunk of the body was one of the more complex parts. Moving on to the extremities proved to be a less daunting task and gave me the chance to explore different design options for the armor. I went with a more simplified polygonal form rather than an overly detailed model to reflect the armor and aesthetic of the era. The overall experience and process of this project provided me with greater insight into creating and rigging a character for use within Maya that has benefited me greatly.

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