The Cedars of Marin

Independent Study

July 2016

My time at the Cedars of Marin has offered me the opportunity to meet and work with an incredibly gifted and talented community. I came to the Cedars as part of an independent study for North Carolina State University’s College of Design to learn about working with artists with disabilities and to broaden my understanding of Art & Design. While interning here I have had the privilege to work with some of the most compassionate and hard working professionals I have ever met. The staff here is unparalleled; the time that they spend one on one with their students encouraging and teaching them is something to be commended. As artists we have a gift to share and that is readily apparent here as exhibited by the staff. Their dedication not only to their own craft is inspiring, but more importantly their commitment to sharing that gift with others by taking the time to meet the need of their students is what sets the Cedars apart. Every time I walk into this building I seldom leave without a smile on my face, the students and community here are some of the most incredible people. The artwork produced here at the Cedars varies as much as the people who embody this community. I have yet to find a work that has not challenged me in some way to pause and reflect upon it. There is something truly remarkable about this place. From the staff to the students, the lessons I have learned from my time here will remain with me. I hoped coming here would help broaden my understanding of the relationship between art and the individual. The Cedars has exceeded that, it has given me a heart for service and an appreciation for all those working with artists with disabilities.

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