The Jump

ADN 480 Intermediate Studio

Professor Pat FitzGerald

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Audition

Spring 2016

Rapid team animation consisting of 4 students, including myself. We divided up the task of creating the animation in an effort to complete the assignment in 1 week. Our project brief was to create a work that showcases characters without faces expressing emotion. With this restriction, we endeavored to create an animation that places a character in a life or death situation faced with comedic consequences. Since the character was not allowed to have a face throughout most of the work we substituted the facial emotions with masks. This would limit the character’s ability to emote and would require the aid of a mask to convey feeling. The animation assignment taught us the necessity of communication, teamwork, and encouragement. This was easily one of the most involved and gratifying team animation projects I have done thus far.


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