The Little Red Boat

ADN 226 Sequential Imaging

Professor Marc Russo

Adobe Illustrator

Spring 2015

A direct inspiration from the works of Revelation and imagery of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The project was inspired by Professor Russo’s works on the Four Horseman and his explorations into the modern equivalents. Encouraged to challenge our understanding of the characters this project allowed us the chance to create our own depictions of the Horsemen and explore new possibilities. To me Death has always been a central character in many literary works but is always depicted as a reaper. The Little Red Boat provided me the opportunity to explore the characteristics of death and to re-imagine the story of the character. Challenging myself to re-imagine Death, I saw her as being a quiet, unbiased, almost childlike entity. The work is a direct reflection on this and allowed me to better explore different illustration techniques as well as storytelling.


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