ADN 460 Multimedia Studio

Professor Emil Polyak

Carpentry, painting, and Adobe Photoshop

Fall 2015

A collaborative effort, Yokai is a board game designed to introduce players to the various monsters and spirits of Japanese mythology. Professor Polyak assigned groups to create an original board game and incorporate various themes. Deciding on a race/hunt based game we endeavored to create a game that up to four individuals could take part in. Each token, player piece and card was created to reflect the era that the game takes place in. The overall design of the board as well as the furoshiki (wrapping) is also a reflection on Japanese culture and tradition.

Yokai has been proudly featured in Casual Game Insider (Issue Number 16), NC State Designlife (It’s All Fun and Games) as well as showcased at North Carolina State University Art 2 Wear 2016 and at East Coast Games Conference 2016.

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